Love from Our Clients


Aliyah, London, United Kingdom

"I've loved having James as my life coach.  It's made a huge positive difference to the way I view myself, others around me and deal with day to day situations.

I've been able to recognise my own self-worth and I am able to understand the beliefs that underpin my anxieties and come out of difficult situations feeling like I have learnt something from the experience and most importantly, I feel like I am worthy of love and respect despite what life throws at me. 

His approach is very engaging as well as empathetic and he always come to the session well prepared. I find myself able to apply the solutions he has passed on to me to different areas in my life. Simply put, he's a talented life coach who is dedicated to helping others."


Elliot, Jerusalem, Israel

"James' caring and solutions based approach to personal development really turned my life around. He helped me identify the root issues of anxiety that were holding me back in multiple areas and taught me cognitive techniques to redirect my thought patterns to a more positive place. After each session I was able to immediately implement what I had learned into my life leading to tangible results. I couldn't recommend him highly enough."


Shafaq, Peshawar, Pakistan

“Working with James enabled me to increase my levels of self-confidence and self-worth.  I was going through a very difficult period in my life and James’ coaching developed my ability to be assertive and establish healthy boundaries in relationships.  I thoroughly recommend him as a coach especially if you are going through a challenging time.”