Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work with only one practitioner?

Absolutely.  Your free telephone consultation will explore what it is you want help with and which of our practitioners it is best for you to work with.
If you would like to work with more than one practitioner please let us know and the suitability of this option can be explored.  No information will be shared between practitioners without your permission.

What is a typical session like?

Every treatment and modality is unique because it is customised for the needs of each client. However, there are certain things that are common. Before you start, your practitioner will ask you about your goals and expectations. Details of how each session will progress can be discussed with your practitioner. All sessions are confidential.

How many sessions do I need?

Every person is unique and will respond in their own way to treatments. The extent to which you wish to continue with your personal development will be something that you and your practitioner regularly review. Some clients come for 4 sessions and others take up 12 week programmes whilst others prefer ongoing development for an extended period of time.

Should I notify you of My medical history?

Yes, we do encourage you to share your medical history with us.

What payments do you accept?

Cash, Paypal and Banks Transfers.

We also accept gift certificates issued by Integrated Wellness.  Please contact us directly if you would like to purchase or redeem our gift certificates.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Please have a conversation with your practitioner about our cancellation policy.