There is a growing awareness of our ability to influence our own health and an increasing awareness that health resides not only in the body but also in the mind.

James uses a blend of coaching techniques to help individuals reach their health and life goals.  

Using these tools great results can be achieved in treating conditions such as chronic pain, chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression.  Clients are able to use their minds to restore their bodies and live with comfort, energy, confidence and happiness.

Of course after spending what is often a long period of time suffering from a chronic condition new found health can be daunting.  Thus James works with individuals to help them develop a future full of possibility which often includes working on relationships, finances, careers, fitness and other life goals.

After many years of working in Human Resources in large organisations James is accomplished at providing executive coaching.  This work enables business leaders to develop a greater awareness of themselves, how they communicate and how they are perceived.  Business leaders frequently report generating increased employee engagement and broadening their organisations development. 

James has experience of working with clients who are in high control cultural environments to help them develop their assertiveness capability and their ability to establish healthy boundaries in relationships. 

If aspects of your life are not as you wish them to be Integrative Coaching can help you to take back control and change things for the better.  The results tend to leave clients feeling more confident, empowered and with an increased sense of direction and purpose.

Results are often experienced swiftly and sessions are usually held weekly to maximise the embedding of new behaviour patterns.  Whilst most clients prefer long term coaching support, a minimum of four sessions is advised to fully embed the changes realised by Integrative Coaching.



Wellness Coaching: 

£150 Individual 60 minute session

£500 Block booking of 4 sessions (Recommended)

£75 Concessions and Community Programmes

£1,300 Lightning Process 3 Day Training

Executive Coaching and Life Coaching

Please contact James to have an initial conversation to establish your requirements.  Programmes usually run for 3 or 6 months.

Corporate Work

Please contact James to have an initial conversation about the needs and objectives of your business.

Prices can be confirmed once the scope of the project has been assessed.

Home Sessions

We understand that some of our clients who are in the public arena prefer the privacy of sessions in their own home. For other clients their busy lifestyle necessitates that session’s are held at their home to work around their schedule.

Individuals with chronic conditions can experience difficulty travelling and sometimes prefer our practitioners to come to their home. 

Please contact us to discuss home sessions if this is something you require.