Liz: Nutrition


Through study and personal experience Liz has become an advocate of good nutrition and is committed to helping people around the world to eat well and improve their health. She possess experience of helping individuals on a one to one basis as well as working in a corporate environment.

Her knowledge has enabled businesses to positively impact the wellbeing of their staff by optimising their catering services and running group weight loss workshops. Whilst working for a leading British organisation, her passion for employee wellbeing culminated in her production of a '12 week weight loss plan'. This plan was endorsed by the British Heart Foundation and enabled Liz to secure the highest level of the ‘Healthy Workplace Charter Award’ for the company.

Liz has suffered from various health conditions including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME). It was ill health that sparked her original interest in nutrition as she recognised that nourishment of the body was a methods to securing wellness. Through educating herself on how to cook healthy, nourishing foods that fortify and strengthen the body she was able to embark on a life of health and wellbeing. After several years of study Liz is now passionate and shares that education on a global scale.

She enjoys running outdoors and has run in the London Marathon and the United Kingdom’s Olympic Stadium.

Education and Affiliations

Certified Registered Nutritionist ANutr (Association for Nutrition)

Nutritional Therapist Diploma (Health Sciences Academy)

Diploma in Nutrition and Health (Royal Society for Public Health)

Diploma in Nutrition for Healthier Food (Royal Society for Public Health)