Health and wellbeing involves eating well and possessing knowledge about food. Liz provides personal nutrition advice for individuals including a 12 week weight loss programme, meal planning, cookery classes and a ‘Home fridge and food review’.

Her work with clients enables them to address food allergies in their diet, boost energy levels, lose weight and address health issues such a cholesterol and digestive problems.

Her corporate work involves working with companies to develop their service proposition around wellness and optimise their catering. This includes catering menu development and assessments of vending machines through to organisation wide weigh loss programmes.


Skype or Face to Face sessions

Personal Nutrition

£75 Initial Assessment 60 Minute Session

£50 Follow up session 30 - 45 minutes

£150  Home fridge and food review (price is dependant on location)

£500 12 week one to one weight loss programme: A detailed 12 week weight loss plan which includes an initial consultation including food diary analysis, review of medical, weight, diet and exercise history.  A weekly 30 minute phone call and weigh in, a mid point (week 6) consultation, email advice as needed and a follow up consultation.

Workplace Nutrition

Please contact Liz to have an initial conversation about the needs and objectives of your business.

Prices can be confirmed once the scope of the project has been assessed.

Home Sessions

We understand that some of our clients who are in the public arena prefer the privacy of sessions in their own home. For other clients their busy lifestyle necessitates that session’s work around their schedule.

Individuals with chronic conditions can experience difficulty travelling and sometimes prefer our practitioners to come to their home. 

Please contact us to discuss home sessions if this is something you require.