Meet The Team

Reconnecting you with health

We have been friends and colleagues for a very long time.

The three of us share a passion for helping others and are committed to health and wellbeing.  We genuinely believe in people’s ability to enact change in their lives and we love the privilege of being able to help facilitate that change.  

Integrated Wellness offers the ability to work with practitioners in Psychotherapy, Nutrition, Integrative Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and the Lightning Process. 

Our intimate knowledge of each others skills allows us to highlight to clients when they may benefit from the services of another practitioner.  Whenever clients request it we are happy to share information between practitioners and develop cohesive client session plans.  This information sharing is only undertaken with explicit client consent.

We have broad experience working with a range of clients including those with disabilities, various ethnicities, members of the LGBT community, activists, professionals and those in the public arena.

Integrated Wellness creates a space of trust and confidentiality.